Internet celebrity Yao Caichen, who is famous for her sweet appearance and hot and concave figure, has more than 900,000 followers on Instagram due to her charm. At the same time, Yao Caichen is the founder of a clothing brand and a medical beauty clinic, so she has won the reputation of "the most vicious girl". Recently, Yao Caichen returned to her old club and joined the National Basketball Association's "P. LEAGUE+" Taishin Dreamers cheerleading team "Formosa Sexy", which aroused widespread discussion and netizens are looking forward to seeing her energetic support on the court.
Yao Caichen recently traveled to Thailand. Yesterday, she posted a series of sexy bikini photos, showing off her coveted figure, which netizens were full of praise for.
During her vacation in Thailand, Yao Caichen wore a burgundy X-shaped neck bikini. This special design highlighted her plump upper circumference and highlighted her amazing "violent figure." Coupled with Yao Caichen's proud slender waist and snow-white legs, the overall image is extremely attractive. She was sitting by the pool, and her various poses highlighted her excellent figure, which was curved forward and backward, showing a very seductive and sexy style.
In the photo, Yao Caichen is still playing in the swimming pool, lying prone on the edge of the swimming pool, which highlights her perfect figure and arouses a lot of heated discussion among netizens. When Yao Caichen shared these sexy bikini photos, she also wrote: "Start a wonderful 2024 with Thailand", which attracted a large number of netizens to leave comments and praises, including "so beautiful", "oh my nosebleeds are embarrassing", "the bikini looks great" ", "Where was it taken? What a great figure", "Beautiful goddess", "It's so hot", etc.
With her sweet and sexy features, Yao Caichen continues to attract widespread attention on social media and has become one of the focuses of many fans.